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The world of Yeoann just survived a cataclysm. Ten years ago a group of powerful wizards working together released a ancient evil; Dragons appeared on every corner of the world bringing with them legions of others creatures like Orcs and  Dreadlings.

With no time to recover from their world crises, humans, elves, dwarves and other races where forced to fight a war they aren’t prepared to. Now, the world is divided between the east – that has fallen under the rule of the black wizard and the evil dragons – and the resistance at the west.

the Argon Chronicles

The clerics of Bothus, God of the sky, have foreseen a prophecy; Ten warriors of Yeoann have fallen to the great cataclysm happens.  In the future, the very same ten warriors will rise again to put a end to the war.

Argon is suppose to be one of those ten but he don’t care much about it. He just want to have his old life back, with adventures and his friends at his side. Unfortunately he was in a magical coma during ten years and the things are like before no more but that is a path he will need to learn by himself.

Champions of Yeoann

While the main comics of the site will be Argon’s path. The CoY will show what happened and will happens with other important characters of the saga. What happens with Argon’s old friends while he was out and more about the other nine heroes who divide the burden of the prophecy with Argon.

Who runs things around here

  • Alex ‘Xanditz’ Silveira – Creator, writer and artist.
  • Renan Castro – Webdesign support.
  • Fabio Taborda – Translation of tAC Vol. I
  • Bil White – Revisions.
  • Emanuelle Rech – Additional revisions and support.