Took me way too long to start thinking about this… well, in fact I thought about it, but never put it on the actual scale to see how it would work.

Argon has around 1.80 m (5.9 ft) and I always knew how the others were different from him.

Ronan and Brunel are the tallest and about the same height, but Brunel has much more broad and stronger body. Ronan is slim.

Lizabeth is the taller of the girls. Even taller than Argon, while Carolinne always was the shortest.

Miquelle and Allana also have the same height. In fact, fiscally both are very similar other than one is blond and the other is brunet.

In the past, Michelle was more curvy, but after years becoming a spy she put some muscles.

I’ll put the others on the scale too… Argon, Pashal, Kalfgar, Farell and Katherin as well other that will be part of the Champions.

Well… Like I’ve said, I’m still working. Not nearly as fast as I would like, but still here!