Yep! I’m still here.

And I’m sorry but no, I can’t come back right now. =(

Lots of things happened after last December. I made some contacts around and accept to work on some new projects. All this plus the baby that is coming soon (yep, I’ll be a dad! =D) and some classes I’m still taking are keeping me away from Yeoann.

I started the second volume of CoY but I didn’t advanced much. One of the projects that I accept will keep me comics-wise busy until April so I’ll probably will be able to get back around that time.

But I’m not abandoning the blog. I’ll keep you guys update of my general advances. I’ll update art works from classes, and if possible from the projects I’m working with.

I won’t go trough details right now, but I’ll be working with Red King Press titles in one of their titles and also taking a position as layout artist and illustrator at one of EnWorld‘s big project.

Since I’m under contract, I need to see first what can I or cannot update here. But eventually we’ll have some artwork around.

For now, you can enjoy some characters layout that  I was doing over the next Yeoann’s fase:


I have some more but I’ll save it for future posts! 😉

See you guys around and let me know if you have any comments and/or suggestions.