From 92 to 94 Yeoann was born and had his first cycle. Although at that version it wasn’t called like that. For reasons lost in time I decided to call it the 5th Planet.


As you can see, several regions are already there, like Lacnon’s Desert Loar Island and so forth. Also, some countries were already there like Percavia and Octor-Rot.

Argon’s party also got a revamp and Kator and Cheena (later renamed as Lini) left the core group and Oiw had her name changed to Vania. Lots of facts that happened at that time, became part of the actual chronology but were left as fact of the past.



At that point everything started to become more consistent and solid. Story lines and plots were worked around and even if I can’t use this material now on the website, all become font of research at least.

Several villains started to follow Mefix steps. Evah the Master of the Timeless Citadel was one of them. Latter he will be one of the wizard working with Mefix to take over Yeoann.


At this version, the 5th Planet was basically a low fantasy world. Magic was generally evil oriented and the heroes always fight monsters and demons.

Right now I’m working on a timeline page that explain better that transition between low to high fantasy. But that is all for now!