capa02The Allana’s on going story line of the Champions of Yeoann was originally created to appear on a fanzine called Mixtozine. On 1998 I banded together with some friends to work on this project and we kept it going on for six full months.

The fanzine wasn’t only comics. We had all kinds of stuff on it. Tales, RPG material for several systems, computer games reviews, even music we used to talk about.

An for the comics of Yeoann, we had three story arcs on Mixtozine’s pages; The first one was the actual ‘Allana’s Revenge’ arc . The second, was also another story starring Allana on another mission at the Lacnon Desert (that will appear here soon too! =D). And the third and final arc was the beginning of Argon’s Saga.

capa04 At this early stage, the story was quite different and compressed on much lesser pages than the actual version. At that time, everything was really new and make comics on the web used to be just a dream. We had only  low bandwidth internet connection! So, to have your comics around you need to have it in paper (black and white, since colored printing was reaaaaaly expensive).

I was able to save it some of the Champions of Yeoann arc to be used on a earlier version of the webcomics. Now I’m posting it again with some small editions and revised text. But the Argon’s material I started from scratch when I created the first webcomics in 2007. Mostly because I decided to change his visual and also because I wanted to work better over the plot line details.

Now, all this material is kind of old to. Seven years has passed and even the pages from TAC and most of all CoY storyline are loose but I didn’t want to start from the scratch again. I’m really exited working over the second volume of Champions of Yeoann now and go back to the beginning probably would put me a little down even more since I don’t have as much time to work on it as I would love to.

And for the next volume we’ll have just brand new material. I can’t match the other pages that I’ve done for it years ago. I’ve introduced some new characters like Kalfgar and Faarel and I want to keep them on it. So, just more 15 pages and we’ll be done with all first arch (by the way half of those are new pages too!) We’ll have some special material around for a couple of weeks and then Champions of Yeoann Vol II will be on!

I’m really exited about it! I hope you all stay around for it too! =)