Ok people. It has been a nice ride until here. But now is the moment that we need to change some steps around to keep the page going.

First of all, I rearranged the pages on the timeline to have it all in direct order. Now, new readers will go trough all first volume of the Argon’s Chronicles and only after it’s finished will start the Champions of Yeoann Volume I (the on going volume now).

I received some comments about how confusing it was in the other way. Before we had two pages from tAC and one from CoY each week. It was even more confusing if you want to read lots of pages in sequence.

The bad news is I can’t keep up with three pages a week. I’ve been producing a lot but is impossible to keep up with this schedule only by myself and with a full time job during the week. Even more if I want to keep improving my skills to do it.

It’s also because of that I added the Paypal donation button here on the top right. If you guys can start to help me around, eventually I’ll be able to work less on my daily job and start to use the extra time to produce more to Yeoann. I’m planing also start a Patreon to help with that.

I know it’s a long shot. I know I don’t have that many fans around yet, but I need to start it at some point and will be good for all of us in the end.

I have still lots of volumes to come. And I’m working on some extra new projects other than the pages that will help you all to understand even more the story behind the world of Yeoann.

So, for this week I’ll keep up with the CoY Volume One. We’ll introduce Allana  finally and before the end we’ll all know what happened with Caroline and Ronan-Dor. Miquelle‘s fate will be decide over CoY Volume Two. The pieces of the puzzle seems a little loose still, but in the end everything will be on the right place. Belive me, I’m cooking all this for a while! =)

I hope you guys stay around for more! And tell your friends! Share on your social media! Let’s make Yeoann grow even more!

Thanks for everybody that is already out there following this tale!