For sure you’ve saw around some of the characters calling their Gods around. In fact, Yeoann has a big Pantheon starting with Gods and passing trough Lesser Gods, Demigods, Ascended and Avatars. But the base Pantheon is formed for sixteen (16) gods.

Of course each church says that their God is the strongest and their power has no mach and their followers are the most favored. However skeptics believes that, the biggest faith has the stronger power.

In the other hand some churches are really strong all across Yeoann, and one of those are Isann’s Faith.

Isann, The Sun Goddess


Isann’s faith is one of the strongest in all Yeoann. Her followers tends to be less politic than others strong churches and mostly believes on just do good for all.

Clerics of Isann are well received in any place. They often are chosen as  judges since they tends to do what is good and not what the law,  power or family status says.

Next week you’ll meet officially Allana and she is exactly that. She simply does what is good and most of the time ignores rules and laws around.