“The taste of blood in my throat disappeared. And I felt calm as never before felt. Then I saw her. Perfect as an avatar of light illuminating the darkness that my life had been until then. Her white skin glowed with its own light and I heard her voice resonate within my soul. At that very moment I knew I was in the arms of Hann and nothing else mattered.” – Excerpt from the book of the dead.

Hann, The Death Goddess



Death has a thousand faces. At first she can be seem as a evil Goddess but in truth the evil in Hann is not bigger than in any other God of Yeoann. At least that is what her church preaches.

Death is a natural stage of life. When Hann comes for you, she comes because is the right time and not the time – you mortal – wants. The Goods has their own agenda and you must never forget that! All souls has a time and Hann is always there to collect.

Hann’s kingdom is not a hell like some unbelievers say, it’s a city of light surrounded by darkness, a place that you’ll never fail to see after your soul leaves your body.

There, at the Amadan City of Light – the biggest moon that shines on Yeoann’s night sky – a soul goes to rest until the moment it is necessary to make a decision. Either it stays and continue to live in the City of Light, or travels to a different realm of another God.

Priests of Hann are masters of oratory and political craft. Clerics, in the other hand, tend to be enforcer of their Goddess will. If Isann’s clerics are seem as judges for simple folks, Hann’s clerics are often seem as executioners.