As I mentioned on some post before, lots of the material that I’ve been uploading here is quite old.

I’m working on new pages and parts to fill gaps on the old material, but those old ‘dusty’ pages are important to the saga and because of that I’m keeping them around.

I would love to redraw all of them (eventually I will for some), but right now I simply have no time to do so without compromising the whole process.

Yesterday’s page of CoY was originally posted on my old site  Central City Comicstore on 2009. I was supposed to post it again as I did with the previous ones just with the translation and text update but I couldn’t.

Since I worked with the first Miquelle-Lizabeth part I became more ‘bold’ to play with the computer graphics on my original art and that makes a huge difference (at least for me).

Here are the two versions of it (click on it to see as a full size):


I worked around to have some background other than the blank white on the back of the panels. Also added the shades. And on top of it I also worked harder to fix some wrong doing on the general art.

Panel 1 – I worked mostly over Zaillah’s face and some minor updates on her arms.

Panel 2 – On the original version her features were more childish and her neck looked odd I tried to fix that for the new version.

Panel 3 – Mostly over Ronan’s nose. It supposed to be bigger and not like it is on the first version. This is something I’ve been working around more effectively; have body shapes and facial features more defined between the principal characters of the history (sometimes with less success than I would like to).

Panel 4 – Carolinne’s face lift. She is not a lustful woman! Her lips were way too big on the original and the ‘manga’ big eyes aren’t exactly something she has. She is a small woman, with small features and I’ll work harder to express that in the future.

Panel 5 – I practically redrew Carolinne’s head. Her legs were too muscled too. I reduced a little, they are still bigger than they should be, but I didn’t want to compromise that much the integrity of the original draw.

Well, that is it folks! I hope you’re enjoying the ride. I’ve been studding hard and drawing as much as I can to improve things around. In a future post I’ll talk too about some literature I’ve been reading to help me around.

See you guys tomorrow for tAC’s page! 😉