Ok, if you like our webcomics, you’ll love Dragonero!

I just finished to read it and I’m really impressed with it. The world, history line, characters, art… Everything is really good on this one.

Darkhorse got a full album with a complete arc but the original material go much farther than this.

Written by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, with Giuseppe Matteoni art the world of Dragonero goes much, much farther! They have 14 albums released already, a RPG book and an adaptation for Pathfinder RPG, a full color book with gorgeous art.


The catch? It’s all in Italian. Unfortunately (for me at least since I don’t speak Italian) this is a major set back.

My recommendation for you? Buy the Dark Horse edition, promote it and maybe they decide to print more material in English and eventually even the RPG will come to.

And for the luck guys who speak Italian, you can start looking for more on their Forum.

Or at least buy the english version of it at Amazon! =)