The year was 1990.

After I managed to create two and half albums with the first Argon, I changed a bit the way I was going.

At that point I decided that he should not be alone anymore.

And just like this, I created several new characters that would live for long. All of them you can find until today on the latest version of Yeoann.

I called them ‘The Barbarian Warriors” at that time:


On the top, left to right is Exen, Oiw, Argon and Laz. On the botton are Cheena and Kator.

To give you an idea how important those characters are; five of those six characters not only have incarnations on the ongoing story line but also are  part of the ten warriors on the actual Prophecy.

The only one out of it is Kator, just because his version died earlier in the story (Also the latest incarnation wasn’t a nice guy anyway…)

The world still hadn’t a name yet. I simply called the ‘Post Cataclysm Era’ and it was still in a Earth’s South America after some big war that ended the world as we know.



It’s funny to see how not only the characters, but even some region’s names and ideas persisted until today…

Other important characters came little after. One of them was Taianna, the real first love of all Argon’s incarnations.


She was really special to me too. She is also one of the ten on the latest story line. I even dare say that she is Argon’s Bêlit.

I don’t need to tell you guys that all those characters will show up on the latest version eventually, right? I have tales to tell about each one of them but this is something way too far in the future!

I hope you all will be there with me. =)