There are six years separating the First Volume of the Argon’s Chronicles from today. If you didn’t know it yet, all material on the site right now has more than five years since I made them.

Ok, the text is fairly new since is a translation from the original Portuguese version and I systematically changed some info to keep it more fluid and consistent… More to the point I guess.

But yesterday I added a brand new page. The second part of the Champions of Yeoann story line is some material that I’ve been working on the last few weeks.

I would love to say that the art improved a lot, but in fact, based on my poor routing of drawing on the last few years the improvement isn’t as much as I would love too. Still, I hope you enjoy it! =)

The CoY story line was just a bunch of pages with some facts and I never tough on put them on a proper time line until recently. But right now, things that never quite connected before are starting to make much more sense to me now. Lots of gaps have been filled and I felt the need to keep it together… keep it solid.

Certainly I’ll keep using some old pages on the proper time line. But we’ll have new pages filling the gaps between them. Other important characters from the whole saga will appear too.

As always, I’m open for any contact, message, comments, questions or what ever you have in your mind.

I really hope that you guys are enjoying the ride! =)

See you all around.