Ok guys,

This one will be the first of a series of posts talking about different ‘incarnations’ of Argon and some other Yeoann’s characters.

I decided travel as far as I was able to my own past and I found some really cool stuff (not art wise of course).

Here is the first cover:


That is it folks! Back in 1988 (yep, I’m that old) 26 years ago I created the very first Argon. At that time he was more or less a mix of Conan, Mad Max and Thundarr The Barbarian (Do you know this one, right?). He was born in a post apocalyptic world when the humanity struggle to survive living out of scraps of the old civilization and the return of the sorcery in the world.


I even managed to create a full comics out of it! Yeoann at that time was in fact Earth. The history happened mostly at the South America; one of  the last habitable places in the planet.

He was a loner and a adventurer, but eventually he found a girlfriend to follow him around. Michelle was her name and many years latter she would became an inspiration for the Miquelle of the recent version.

Two years latter a new incarnation would show up. Argon start to walk around with new friends and the scenario changed for a actual new world that latter would became Yeoann.

But this will be a history for another post! 😉