Ok people here is the deal!

My plan of schedule for now is publishing new pages twice a week  with a special post on the weekend with one of the side line stories. Meaning: Tuesdays and Thursdays you guys get one new page of the Argon Chronicles up and running, and on the weekend you get one or two pages of the Champions of Yeoann.

Since you guys got already seven pages for the introduction, I’ll officially start this weekend. On Saturday I’ll start with the CoY stories and the new pages of tAC will come next week!

That is a good deal, right?

We’ll also have random updates like arts, sketches and more information about Yeoann and the characters around. Step by step you’ll know a new world! I really hope that you guys enjoy it!

And since I’m a really nice guy, here is some of the new material that I’ve been working with:



See you guys on Saturday! =)